Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Oxford Natural History Museum

Me and my friend Alex, also a blogger and wildlife photography enthusiast, went to the Oxford Natural History Museum to look at the photo gallery for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  We also attempted to photograph the swifts that nest in the roof of the museum but despite patiently waiting were unsuccessful.

Photographing the swifts

Butterfly walk

Yesterday we went to a wildflower meadow at the bottom of Wittenham Clumps to photograph butterflies with Jo Cartmell.  It was full of them!! We saw Peacocks, Common blues, Brown argus, Meadow brown and excitingly Clouded yellow!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Volunteering in the rain

Recently I went to Chilswell Valley to help cut back reeds and nettles (they were up to the height of my face!).  Like last time it poured with rain which meant I couldn't use my camera all the time.  Here are some photos of what we cleared.  

Andy Gunn showing me the scythe