Thursday 20 August 2015

Summer update

Sorry I have not posted for a while.  Here are a some photos that I have taken in different places over the last few months. All are taken in France apart from the top one.

Monday 6 April 2015

Short-eared owl

Yesterday I went to the Ridgeway in Oxfordshire to photograph a short-eared owl. I managed to see it hunting. After coming home and reading up about them I now know that short-eared owls are usually seen hunting during the day. They are medium size birds with speckled brown bodies, pale under-wings and yellow eyes. Here are my shots: 

I was also pleased to photograph this red kite.

Saturday 14 February 2015

Bird ringing

Today I went to Woolley Firs (BBOWT) near Maidehead to watch the Runnymede Ringing Group in action.  Carl Hunter Roach explained the process.  I was very fortunate to get to hold and release a blue tit.  The wonderful site with an arboretum and surrounding fields is home to many species of birds.  During the ringing session I saw dunnock, coal tit, goldcrest, blue tit, great tit and long tailed tits.  We could hear the call of a greater spotted woodpecker and there was a mistle thrush high up in the trees.  Next we went on a walk with Dan (of BBOWT) and Brian, a local bird expert.  Sightings included buzzards, lapwings, redkites, goldfinch, redwing and greenfinch.  We also heard sky larks.  It was a great way to spend a morning!

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Back to see the starlings at Otmoor

After Christmas I returned to Otmoor to see the starling murmuration a second time.  There were more starlings but their display was not quite so impressive.  They went down into the reeds quicker.  I also saw a marsh harrier. Thanks to Findlay Wilde and Toby Carter for helping me identify it.


Female reed buntings

Marsh harrier